Welcome to Quinta dos Ribeiros

“Close your eyes and feel another Alentejo”

While entering Quinta dos Ribeiros, close your eyes.
Breath the profoundness.
Sense the sweetish smell of the orchard, imagine the wind blowing through the vine leaves of the grapevines in the distance, visualize great walks in the plains touched by the golden light of the sun, or simply see yourself relaxing, sitting in the shadow of an old oak tree.Hear the sparrows that chirp in the tops of the trees and unwind.
You arrived at the Alentejo, where time provides really an opportunity to repose.

The majority of our lighting comes froms energy-saving lamps.
The wood that warms us up comes from forest clean-ups. Our waste is mostly recycled. We do not use any pesticides or other derivates. The seeds used for our crops are not genetically modified (100% organic) and our fertilizers are natural. Even the food for our animals are organic and do not contain any chemicals.