Friendly hosts ready to welcome visitors

The staff of the Quinta dos Ribeiros is ready to give you a warm welcome.

Apart from being an excellent location for recreation, the Quinta dos Ribeiros can provide you also with excellent conditions for moments of work and leisure.

The “Pilares” provide a very pleasant large porch in days with a lot of sunshine. It is very special place at the Quinta, perfectly suited to serve an outdoor reception or to realize a seminar.
The dining room of the old family house (Main House), is a spacious square room with a ceiling of wood and its timber structure is supported by two very large beams, it has capacity for 50 people, and is ideal for family dinners, baptisms or business diners.
The bar and the area around it, is perfectly suitable for receptions, small informal meetings or thematic presentations.

For you to bear in mind is, that Quinta dos Ribeiros has versatile rooms that can be adapted to the necessities of the moment. Whether you need a place for relaxation and leisure or you need a place with a professional character.