Alpalhão is a small town in the district of Nisa. This district of the Alto Alentejo is situated in the plain between the mountain range of São Mamede and the river Tagus, being known by the benefits of its thermal waters, by the quality of the traditional cheese of the region and by the pottery works and textile embroideries that come from the hands of the local craftsmen.

In the surrounding region there are many points of interest, creating the possibility to visit historical places like Marvão and the Roman ruins of Amaia, towns like Castelo de Vide, Alter do Chão or Crato and of course the capital of the district: Portalegre.

In the summer, and in spite of the dryness of the plains there is also the promise of a refreshing afternoon. The river beach of the Alamal, several times rewarded with the Bandeira Azul, is one of them and it can be reached in somewhat more than half an hour by car. (The Bandeira Azul association “ABAE” is a non governmental organisation (NGO) for sustainable development).

For those who like to walk this is the ideal place. In the district of Nisa there are trail of exceptional beauty like the “Jans” trail, that brings us from the pretty Vila da Amieira do Tejo up to the borders of the Tagus passing along historical sites like Vila Flor or Barca da Amieira.

We can also follow the trail of Conhal even to the colossal geological monument that is known as Portas de Rodão and observe birds like vultures. But these are only two of many options in the open air for hiking lovers. The district is vast and diverse, the plains are mixed with mountain areas and go down even to the borders of the river, providing an unforgettable experience to its visitors.

The stud farm of Alter do Chão is also at somewhat more than half an hour distance and possesses a variety of activities for big and small.

When looking for health and beauty, you can find the Termas da Fadagosa accommodation in Nisa. A modern and well equipped spa where the water contains sulphur, with a pH of 8.15 and a temperature of 19ºC. The water is indicated for the treatment of skeleton and muscle, respiratory, metabolic and dermatological diseases. At the same location one can find a sauna accommodation prepared to provide moments of pure relaxation to its visitors..

This is also a zone of rich gastronomy, with cheeses of internationally recognized quality, local pork sausages called “enchidos” and wines which you will never forget.