Clay Crafts with Arabic Inspiration

Points of Interest

Ruins of the Castle of the 13th century, Portas da Vila that still remain of the six you give rise to (that of the Vila and that of Montalvão), Igreja Matriz of the 15th century, to Igreja da Misericórdia of the 16th century (with an interesting Museum of Religious Art), Capela do Calvário of the 17th century, Capela de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres of the 16th century and Anta de São Gens joined in a set of four megalithic monuments.

The hermitage of Nossa Senhora da Graça, from the 16th century famous for its pilgrimage, carried out annually on Easter Monday.

The festival of Nisa, the Nisartes, taking place normally in the first weekend of August.
The Museum of Embroidery and Clay (, Termas da Fadagosa de Nisa (

Distance: 11 kms